1531 Monument Rd Ste 8, Jacksonville, FL, 32225-7329 

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Reviewed by: Hottiebottle531 on: 2016-08-22
I usually only order from here and recommend to all my friends and family! But lately the service ju
Reviewed by: dearkitty on: 2016-05-22
We used to order from Wok N Roll. I'm so glad we found Hunan Wok instead! The food tastes great and
Reviewed by: donaldgibson18 on: 2016-05-18
Just ordered Moo goo gai pan. Was a bowl of Mushrooms with no vegi's and did not taste well. Better step it up or I will not eat there anymore. I know you are/can be better than that.
Reviewed by: Colleen.straw on: 2015-06-04
Delicious and fast we have been ordering from here for years and we are spoiled by their delicious d
Reviewed by: brownjax1117 on: 2015-03-17
This was my first time eating here and I was quite impressed. Impeccable service and the food mouth-
Reviewed by: mjt32488 on: 2015-02-21
This is by far the best Chinese food in Jax!My husband and i have been ordering from here since we lived in the tiny apartment across the street almost 10 years ago. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by: chucksetser on: 2015-02-20
For years we used Wok n Roll. Tried this once and will keep with Hunan Wok.
Reviewed by: claykreations on: 2015-01-25
NEVER ORDERING FROM HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I was very disappointed in the service tonight. First I trie
Reviewed by: brownjax1117 on: 2014-12-01
This is my all time favorite restaurant! The employees are always pleasant and the food is always fr
Reviewed by: fly_n_low1260 on: 2014-10-31
Very Displeased with delivery after order times. Last time we ordered this way it was 45 mins and nothing was going on in town that evening. This evening we have waited an 1 hour and 30 mins so far for a Delivery.. VERY DISPLEASED!!!
Reviewed by: samanthamoreno24 on: 2014-10-29
Shitty food and service false advertisement on there food menu and they charge too much for there bl
Reviewed by: aviles_christina on: 2014-09-22
This is my absolute favorite Chinese place. Everything is fresh and authentic. I eat here all of the time and everything I've ordered has been absolutely delicious! I'm a very picky person and would highly recommend Hunan Wok. I've never had better.
Reviewed by: phyllisbaum on: 2014-02-11
We have been ordering from Hunan Wok for years. The food is very good. Their delivery is always fast and everything is hot and fresh.
Reviewed by: gigik12 on: 2013-11-17
Amazing food! I have been wanting a good Egg Foo Young from a clean place. THIS IS the place!! Great food, great prices as well as friendly service
Reviewed by: wkwhitfield on: 2013-09-07
Hunan Wok is awesome! My entire family loves the food here and we order at least once and sometimes twice a week. The only is really cute as well.
Reviewed by: Susanscott29 on: 2013-08-10
This is by far THE BEST Chinese delivery restaurant in Jax!!! Thank you for the awesome food and de
Reviewed by: haralambou on: 2011-10-19
This is a wonderful Chinese Restaurant. The food is always fresh and so very delicious. The service is fast and friendly. I deserves to win the top 100 award
Reviewed by: deasjw on: 2011-07-08
I enjoy chinese food immensely, and thus have eaten out at many different restaurants across the country both while on vacation, and during my 8 year in the military. HunanWok on Monument Rd in Jax, FL is by far among the best I've enjoyed. The staff is both prompt, and friendly, The food is excellent, and is cooked by some of the most knowledgible chefs I've come across. This is not to say I am an expert, but I do know good food, cleanliness in a kitchen/restaurant, and this particular kitchen / restaurant gets a thumbs up /10 rating from me, and my family. (scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being most desireable.) I hope this type environment catches on like a virus, and spreads faster than the flu... Keep up the good work.
Reviewed by: Elizabeth E. on: 2008-11-11
I have not had a bad meal yet from Hunan Wok. I usually call from work and pick it up on my way home. The food is always bagged and waiting for me. The service is always polite and the order is always correct. The fried rice leaves a ...?